We aren't even into the 2023 football season, but the SEC is already looking to the future. In 2024, the league will increase to 16 teams, adding Texas and Oklahoma.

Sports writer JC Shurburtt discussed the issue of league size this Thursday on "Inside the Locker Room" hosted by Wimp and Barry Sanderson.

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Part of the ongoing conversation includes the idea to expand the SEC to include 20 teams.

"That's not a league...20 teams?" said Barry Sanderson, "How would a 20-team league work?"

Shurburtt responded that such a big league would require pods or divisions in some fashion. "It would probably end up a lot like major league baseball back in the day," he said, "where you had a National League and an American League."

ACC Championship - Clemson v North Carolina
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ACC Championship - Clemson v North Carolina

But Shurburtt was still unsure how such a structure could work. "Do you try to do a semi-final Saturdays or something?" he asked, "Cuz that's an awful lot."

And then there's the problem of determining the top teams. "I just don't think you can go realistically one through twenty and say 'these are top two,'" said Shurburtt. "You may end up with five or six teams tied for the top two."

But if you're the Big 10, Shurburtt says bigger leagues could make sense--or if you split up by West and East Coast. "That gives you enough up and down on the west coast where the travel isn't that bad."

"Make no mistake," said Shurburtt, "Clemson wants out." He said that if the ACC doesn't provide them with more financing they may push for shifting conference lines, despite the complications.

"If there's no path to a better financial future, they will make a move. And they are actively working on it."

Listen to the full interview with JC Shurburtt:

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