The college football world was jolted Thursday evening as Hugh Freeze abruptly departed his post as head coach for the Ole Miss Rebels.

The Rebels will be led by interim head coach Matt Luke who will coach his first game in less than six weeks.

During his second hour monologue on Inside the Locker Room, legendary Alabama basketball coach Wimp Sanderson analyzed the impact that Freeze’s exit would have on the Ole Miss football program.

Since the Freeze’s resignation, varying reports have been written about Les Miles’ interest and chances of landing the head coaching position with the Rebels.

Sanderson commented on his view of Les Miles as a head coach.

“Les Miles, in my opinion, is sort of a guy who just oversees the program. I don’t think Les Miles does a lot of coaching. I think he oversees the program.” Sanderson said.

Regardless of who the next permanent head coach is for Ole Miss, Sanderson sees recruiting to Oxford under the present circumstances as a challenge for their next football coach.

“I think it’s hard. I think it’s very difficult because I’m going to go in there from Mississippi State and kind of muddy it up. People are going to go in behind you. If I’m at Alabama, I’m going to go in and muddy it up. I think it’s hard.” Sanderson said.

The former Alabama basketball coach later touched on rumors about Tommy Tuberville’s future in the athletic department at Ole Miss, the chances of athletic director Ross Bjork and others in a leadership position hanging on at Ole Miss

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