Days after being rejected by the University of Houston, Alabama offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin accepted the head coaching position at Florida Atlantic University.

It marks his first head coaching position since getting let go from USC in 2013. He replaces Charlie Partridge who went 6-18 in two seasons as FAU’s head coach.

WSFA-TV sports reporter and former sports reporter in south Florida Maria Martin hopped on The Gary Harris Show to break down Kiffin’s hire at FAU.

Martin detailed the process from how the FAU administration did not think they could land Kiffin to the final decision to hire him.

The WSFA-TV sports reporter pointed out the recruiting advantages of coaching in one of the prime recruiting areas of the country.

“FAU is in the epicenter of high school football recruiting. You’re in the tri-county area. You’re in Palm Beach County, Broward County and Dade County. That’s where everybody goes.” Martin said.

Despite south Florida’s depth in high school talent, Martin described what Kiffin faces in recruiting to FAU.

“For him it’s kind of tough if he’s battling between Miami, FSU, Florida, those people. FSU and Miami. FAU traditionally has kind of gotten the scraps of those recruits, whether it be a three star, a two star, a one star kid maybe you don’t know of.” Martin said.

She highlighted Kiffin’s experience in recruiting the south Florida area as a major advantage going into his new head coaching job.

Martin also touched on FAU’s ability to compete in Conference USA in addition to the publicity and excitement generated by Kiffin’s hiring.

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