The United States Football League is said to be a new era of professional football.  While they're bringing something new to the sport of football, it seems like they're not exempt from bribes from fans.

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Luckily, this attempted bribe that targeted a Birmingham Stallions player was just too cute.

It's amazing how many how much kids look up to athletes. Athletes of all sports like soccer, baseball, swimming, the NBA, and of course football.

In the football world, the Birmingham Stallions are killing it. Right now, they're 8-1 and are in first place in the South.

With the great talent on the team, it's no wonder the Birmingham Stallions are placed first in the south.

Former NFL player Alex McGough, who spent time with the Jacksonville Jaguars and Houston Texans is a quarter quarterback on the team.

Victor Bolden Jr. who spent time with the Buffalo Bills and the Detroit Lions before joining the USFL team is making waves.

Former Crimson Tide player Bo Scarborough is of course shining bright for the Birmingham Stallions.

After a recent game, Birmingham Stallions Linebacker DeMarcus Gates was filmed connecting with fans and signing autographs.

In the video, you can see money being waved at Gates as a kid says, "I'll give you 10 bucks!"

The kid was trying to get gloves from Gates.

Gates replies, "10 bucks? You trying to bribe me?"

The young kid replies. "Yes!"

After Gates looks up, he realizes the kid is serious about those gloves as he sees the money in the young fan's hands.

Gates laughs and replies, "Keep the money boss," as he takes off his glove and hands it to the young fan. The kid went crazy!

It's just the most wholesome interaction you've ever seen.

The kids got to keep the money and got a glove from the USFL player. Now that's a happy ending you love to see.

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