Former Alabama Crimson Tide offensive lineman Shannon Brown joined The Gary Harris Show Tuesday morning on the 10th anniversary of the April 27 tornadoes that struck Tuscaloosa.

Brown's daughter, Loryn, was a student at Shelton State Community College, and was preparing to begin her studies at the University of Alabama. Loryn Brown passed away as a result of the tornados that day. Brown recalled the events of that unfortunate day with Gary Harris.

"It's one of those days that you try to forget, but you can't," Brown said.

"I guess it was probably mid afternoon that I was contacted and wanted to know if I had heard from Loryn, and I hadn't. At that time I did not know that a big, huge tornado had come through Tuscaloosa."

Photo Courtesy of the Loryn Alexandria Brown Memorial Scholarship Facebook page.
Photo Courtesy of the Loryn Alexandria Brown Memorial Scholarship Facebook page.

Brown said he concluded that Loryn was unreachable because of cell towers and other interference caused by the storm. Still, he travelled down from Huntsville to check on Lauren.

First responders were incredibly busy that day, and it was up to Brown and his father to find Loryn.

"No parent ever wants to have to do what I had to do: identify my daughter's body," Brown said.

"It was an unfortunate day."

Brown continues in the conversation discussing how he and his family grieved and struggled to cope with the tragedy, citing the importance of having a true confider to talk through struggles.

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He also recalled an impactful story of a particular white dress that Crimson Tide baseball players helped recover, a dress Loryn had hoped to be married in.

Later in the conversation, Brown talks about the community in Tuscaloosa, the impact of Loryn's commemorative scholarship, and how the events of that day changed him personally.

The entire conversation can be heard below. The Gary Harris Show airs weekdays from 9-11 a.m.

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