24 hours has passed since the revelation that the girlfriend of Manti Te'o, the former Notre Dame linebacker had been nothing more than a hoax.

Although over a day has passed, the story still remains one of the most talked about topics on message boards and social media websites.  According to the statement released by Notre Dame University, Te'o informed administrators and coaches on December 26th, 2012 which raised the question by many: why wait so long?

Tim O'Malley of Irish Eyes Magazine joined The Game after Wednesday night's press conference in South Bend, Indiana and said that very question was raised to Irish Athletic Director Jack Swarbrick almost immediately.

As time continues to pass, more and more details continue to develop, however, the shock remains. When asked if he felt if Te'o could be involved in the scheme, O'Malley said he felt the linebacker truly was a victim.

The Deadspin article cited a source claiming he was "80 percent sure" Te'o was involved in some way.

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