The Adapted-Athletics Wheelchair Basketball program held a summer camp this past week for youth. The camp had over 70 campers from over 25 states.

The camp was held June 22-25th at the $10 million Strahn-Hardin Arena on the UA campus.

Campers ages 12-19 were able to compete in six hour practice sessions. They were able to practice in drills and participate in scrimmages. The camp also provided the campers with transportation, food, and overnight lodging.

Adapted women's hoops head coach, Ryan Hynes believes this as a essential recruiting tool for the program moving forward. "It's great that we can showcase this to the kids and hopefully give them whether it be here or somewhere else something to strive for." Hynes said in an interview.

Head coach Ford Burttram  shared the same sentiment. "I think it means that wheelchair basketball is growing, and people really want to be involved in something bigger than themselves."

The Alabama Adapted Athletic Basketball program has been very successful for five years. The women's wheelchair team won the national title defeating Illinois on a buzzer beater finish. This was their third win, in the last five years.

The men's team hasn't been too far off, as they came runner up in the national title game this past March against the UT Arlington Movin' Mavs. They, however, had also won back- to- back titles before coming up short this year.

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