Priorities, people.

While getting cuffed by the cops on the A&E show Live PD, a man in Walton County, Fla. made sure to let everyone in America know where his allegiance lies when he asked if he was on live TV and then declared, "Roll Tide" before saying hi to his mom, who surely must be beaming with pride, knowing her son not only got arrested for the whole country to watch, but made sure to let all the viewers know nothing will stop his love for Alabama.

This guy loves 'Bama so much, but we're going to guess that 'Bama doesn't love him so much in return. It's not like Nick Saban is making the drive from Tuscaloosa to bail this knucklehead out of jail.

You get the feeling this fella doesn't realize how ridiculous his actions are, do you. And when the gravity of the fact that he was hauled off jail finally does hit him, you can bet he'll find the silver crimson lining in the fact it didn't happen during the season, so he won't miss any games.

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