I am a huge Chicago Cubs fan. As I sit, my Cubbies are a half-game out of first place in the National League central division. There's still a lot more baseball left to be played this year, but right now, the Cubs are on a hot streak and looking good!

This past Wednesday, I was delighted to see a familiar face pop on my TV screen throwing out the first pitch. It was none other than Alabama football legend Joe Namath. (Or as sportscaster Howard Cosell used to call him, "Joe WILLIE Namath").

It was kind of apropos for Broadway Joe to be at Wrigley Field because back in 1961 the Cubs offered the then 18 year-old Joe $50,000 to come play baseball for them. However, Mama Namath stepped in and convinced Joe to go to college instead. Joe picked Alabama (ROLL TIDE!) and the rest is sports history!

In any event, it was great seeing Joe again, and just as important, the Cubs WON the game!

In case you missed it, you can see it HERE

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