Alabama is seventh among college programs with eight members in the NFL Hall-of-Fame. Notre Dame and Southern Cal are tied for the most inductees with 13 each. The Hall-of-Fame is the NFL's highest individual honor commemorating a great player's career. The Crimson Tide has three offensive linemen, three quarterbacks, one defensive end and one two-way player.

Alabama Football Players in the Hall-of-Fame

Don Hutson played in the early days of the NFL and was a standout on both sides of the football as a receiver, defensive back and also attempted field goals. All three quarterbacks represented are Super Bowl champions.

Ken Stabler was the most recent inductee, he was inducted into the Hall-of-Fame in 2016 after he passed away. Unfortunately four of the eight Hall-of-Famers have passed away.

Who will be the Crimson Tide's next Hall-of-Fame inductee? Will the Alabama fans have to wait until Julio Jones retires to see the next member added into the prestigious organization.

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