It was only just last Saturday in which the Alabama Crimson Tide captured its 23rd Southeastern Conference championship, taking down the Georgia Bulldogs in a thriller. The game should have been enough to hold over until January 7th, but it is not. Here I am, finding myself out of the game week routine, having trouble sleeping. However, I'm not the only one having trouble sleeping these days.

"I never sleep well. Notre Dame is just the excuse now" Alabama coach Nick Saban joked at a BCS National championship press conference.

And he is right-there is a lot to worry about with the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, starting on the defensive side of the ball. It has been no secret that Alabama needs to run the football to win, boasting a 49-0 record when rushing the ball for at least 150 yards since 2008. However, Notre Dame has only given up over 150 yards just one time this season; September 22nd against Michigan.

For those keeping score at home, Manti Te'o and his crew are legit- to the tune of the 4th best rush defense in the country. However, for Alabama this is nothing new.

In 2009 Alabama met the Texas Longhorns, led by a Will Muschamp defense that was tops against the run. The Crimson Tide stuck to the script-51 carries, 205 yards, 4 touchdowns and a national championship trophy at the end of the night.

2011 the story was similar, but a little different. The LSU Tigers possessed the 5th best defense against the run, a defense that was intent on taking away Heisman trophy finalist Trent Richardson. To an extent the Tigers corralled the Tide's running game, holding the unit to just 150 yards on 35 carries, but at the expense of AJ McCarron's breakout performance. Regardless, the result was the same-a national championship.

What this year will hold is unknown.  However, Alabama has seen a good defense a time or two this season, especially the one they practice against.

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