The Alabama Crimson Tide defeated the Georgia Bulldogs 41-24, securing back-to-back SEC Championship titles.

This win marked Alabama’s 34th consecutive win over SEC East opponents.

With the Tide’s dominating performance tonight, does that prove that the SEC West is unequivocally better than the East once again?

Alabama and Georgia had very different paths to this SEC Championship game. The Dawgs dominated every conference opponent on their schedule, while the Crimson Tide fought through adversity and grinded through a very tough SEC West Division.

Many experts predicted that the Tide would fold just like every other opponent Georgia had faced this season, but that was not the case.

Was the narrative “Georgia hasn’t played anybody” actually true?

The top defense in the nation came into the game allowing less than a touchdown per game and surrendered 41 points to an Alabama team that only scored 10 points in regulation against Auburn last week.

Looking forward... when Oklahoma and Texas join the Southeastern Conference could that possibly move Alabama to the East division?

In a division that is usually controlled by either Georgia or Florida year-in and year-out, that would surely shake things up.

The Tide may have a chance to extend their win-streak over SEC East opponents with a possible rematch against Georgia looming in the College Football Playoff.

2021 SEC Championship Game Alabama vs. Georgia

The Alabama Crimson Tide defeated the No. 1 ranked Georgia Bulldogs 41-24 to win the 2021 SEC Championship.

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