Alabama soccer just had its best season yet, but not without its fearless team leaders, Riley Mattingly Parker and Kat Rogers. The forward and midfielder are both graduate students, who just finished their final year with the Tide.

In a heartfelt video posted to Twitter, Alabama Soccer states their captains have gone from "unknown to unforgettable."

Parker retweeted the video saying "just a couple of kids" with the emoji welled up with tears. Rogers took to Instagram to express her gratitude for the sport she has played for 18 years.

"Thank you to this 2022 team. I have never loved a team more than I love this one," Rogers says. "People will look at the records broken and history made by this team and not realize that the best parts were the ones they never saw."

Almost a hundred comments of praise and send-off advice have been shared under Rogers post, including Ashley Serepca calling Rogers the best leader and friend, and Isabella Scatturo thanking her for being an amazing teammate. Even Parker joined in on the comments saying "Yay for forced friendship," taking a sarcastic tone of endearment.

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It is evident that the two captains have formed a sister like bond over the past five years and both wanted to leave the team better than they found it. Both being the humble players they are probably could not have imagined how much impact they would bring the team since 2018.

These women are leaving behind the standard that is now Alabama soccer.

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