Alabama basketball coach Nate Oats saw plenty of positives and a few areas for improvement in his team's opening season 105-73 win at home over Morehead State. Hee's a look at some of Oats' postgame comments.

Opening Statement

"I thought it was a great start to the season. We came out of the gate early. We started well tonight. I was pleased with where our heads were at for the start of the game. We got the ball moving. We had 16 assists tonight.

"That's a good team with good players. They're picked to win the Ohio  Valley Conference.

"Obviously Grant Nelson played welll. He got the Blue Collar Award., I thought Grant and Pringle did a good job rebounding the ball. Mark Sears and Aaron Estrada got us going early. Latrell Wrightsell played hard. Jarin Stevenson played really well in the seond half.

"I thihk you saw enough of the pieces we have. I was really happy with our effort."

On Grant Nelson

"I knew he was super-skilled. He's been in the gym a ton working on his shooting. For him to go 2-4 on threes was good for his confidence. He can pass the ball, too."

On the freshman class

"We've got five freshman all of whom have a chance to be reeally good. Davin Cosby can really shoot it., Dioubate is tough and physical.  Jarin played really well. He's got a lot of Noah Clowney in him. We need him to be a little more of a rim protector."

On Mark Sears

"His first game being the primary point guard; him and Aaron can split those duties. He knows how hard you have to play at this level. When they started comihg back we got him right back in the game."

On the new coaching staff

"It was good. Coach Pannone is running the defense. Coach Claunch is helping me with the offense. They're all about getting the team and the players better. We'll figure sojme more things out as we go through it.

"I think its the first time since 2001 Alabama's scored over 100 points in the opener."

On the running game

"We need to get in transition more than we did. We're trying to force more steals. I think our defense can push the pace more. We've got to get a lot better on defense. We can't be giving up 1.01 points per possession against Morehead State.

On the playing rotation

"Mo Dioubagte and Mo Wague are both coming off surgeries. Those two guys who can help us. Davin Cosby and Sam Walters can both go for 20 or 30 in a game.

"The rotation will be  shrunk depending on who guards better. I think we'll be able to stand injuries more this year. I think we're going to able to hold people more accountable on the defensive end."

[The only scholarship player not to see action was Parker, who is out with an eye abrasion.]

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