Being an Atlanta sports fan is tough sometimes, and I certainly can attest to the sentiment. As someone we grew up in Atlanta, and attended Falcons game with my dad regularly, I've seen things at the highest of highs, and the complete downfall that happens afterwards.

So yea, it sometimes stinks being an Atlanta fan but hey, got to stick with them no matter what. But the Falcons history dates all the way back to 1966, and I was born in 1992. There's a 26 year gap of history that I certainly don't know about.

That's why this week when this announcement popped up I was certainly surprised.

Secret Base is a YouTube channel that makes mini videos, or series depending on the magnitude, of sporting events. Sometimes they even tackle teams. They have covered the Falcons in the past, like this video here.

But this next project are putting together is way more captivating than a simple moment in history.

Instead of one play, the history will on be display for Atlanta's franchise. Atlanta certainly has a...complicated history of some good decisions but many people, including myself, remember the bad ones.

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Admittingly, I am very interested to learn about what the team went through before I came a fan. I know at least of Falcons trading away Brett Favre, and the Bobby Petrino experiment that failed horribly. And of course the 2 Super Bowl appearances, but there's more that I don't know about.

Also to all the Falcons fans in Tuscaloosa, we'll get through this one together, don't worry. See you all soon.

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