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Ladies and gentlemen it's a very special day in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. For many of us, it's just another day in the city of champions. But today is a day we when all celebrate. For a man who has been a staple of Tuscaloosa radio for so long, and for someone who can handle four hours of radio and not miss a beat.

Ladies and Gentleman, it's time to wish the host of the longest running sports show in Alabama a happy birthday!


For many of us here at Tide 100.9, there's nobody we'd rather have as host. He's energetic, he's unabashed, and most importantly, he bleeds crimson.

Back when I was young greenhorn Paradise, or as I like to call myself, a young palm tree, Ryan gave me a chance. I was a young junior at Alabama, and needed some type of experience in the radio business. Thankfully, my professor got me in touch with Fowler, and since then my radio experience has grown thanks to to his show.

I learned to answer the phone on time! Ok, let's be realistic, I'm still bad at that. But more than that, I got the opportunity to talk to so many Alabama legends and so many fans of the Tide. We've experience multiple championships, and most importantly I've become more and more knowledgeable in the world of sports radio. It's crazy. it's silly, but most importantly it's fun.

And honestly, I'm pretty sure I speak for all of us at Tide when I say.....


Also let me bless you with my favorite Fowler clip as a parting gift:

2021 Alabama Crimson Tide Record Book


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