So for those who don't know me, I love the Atlanta Falcons. I grew up in Atlanta and Poppa Paradise and I would go to Falcons games every Sunday. When it wasn't me, my little sister or mom would fill in. To say the least, this is a family love and yes we love them through the bad and good. And this past year was turbulent for Atlanta.

Things got off to bad start with a loss a Seattle. Which to be honest was ok, because Seattle was tough. The next week was one to forget. After a dominating first half, Atlanta fell completely apart and lost 40-39 to the Cowboys in what can only be described as the "Onside Oops" game. Atlanta went on a 5 game losing streak, getting their first win against Minnesota. But then suffered another heartbreaker to the Lions, losing on an extra point.

The Falcons season ended up being one to forget, filled with firings. Dan Quinn, the head coach, and Thomas Dimitroff, the Falcons general manager were fired after the 5th straight loss, and speculation ran rampant on veteran players for the franchise. So why am I bringing all of this up?

Mainly to say Atlanta has got to figure some things out, and fast. With new coach Arthur Smith and new GM Terry Fontenot, a new direction should be good for Atlanta. But so far, for me at least unpredictability right now is making me nervous. Atlanta currently sits with the 4th pick in the draft after finishing 4-12 this past season and are in prime position to pick someone who will help change the franchise.

But even now there's questions about that, as Atlanta remains a wild card in terms of what they'll do in the draft. Will they keep that pick? Will they trade down? Suffice to say, I'm racking my brain as to what will happen.

Make no mistake, I love this franchise and will always love it. Heck I still wear Falcons gear after THAT big game, and all ATLiens know what game I'm talking about.

So Atlanta, I absolutely trust you to make the right pick. But one request for this upcoming season...We all need to see this team improve. Whether it be the Matt-Julio connection sparking again, the offense getting back to 2016 levels, or the defense just becoming stifling, something we haven't seen in Atlanta for a while.

Let's see those all black unis triumph at home more. Let's see those CLEAN all whites claim victory on the road. Let's see those gradient unis wash over the opposing team. Let's see those throwback unis remind me of 1998 and how dominant we were.

I can't wait for Atlanta to take the field in this new era. Rise up!

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