WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder and his camp have previously said they want to be an active fighter, but the team is still searching for its next fight four months after defeating Gerald Washington in February.

But it's not for lack of trying. There's a lot that goes into scheduling a boxing match, especially for the fighter that holds the belt. Trainer Jay Deas joined The Suttles Approach to update Wilder's future and explained the checklist that goes into one fight.

"You have a sanctioning body because you're the WBC champion in Deontay's case, so it has to be somebody approvable by them, which of course we want the biggest fight so it would be somebody they would approve," Deas told host Aaron Suttles. "And then also you've gotta find a date, two healthy fighters, have time for training camp, and then you have to find a venue. You know, a place to have it. That sounds easy, but when you pick a venue you'd be amazed at how full they get with concerts and things like that."

Once those things are completed, both parties still have to find a television network to carry the fight, but Deas is optimistic that Wilder will be defending his belt again in a few months.

"We're searching for the biggest fights possible, and we hope that Deontay will be back in the ring by September. We're not sure exactly who or where. We think probably New York or Vegas, but we want the biggest fight possible and we're hoping to hear what that fight is."

Hear everything Deas had to say during the interview by listening to the video at the top of the page.