A standout freshman on the Alabama football team is JoJo Earle. At the wide receiver position, Earle starts alongside Slade Bolden as a slot receiver. He made an immediate impact in this last game against Mercer, with 130 all-purpose yards.

That being said, Earle made his notable impression long before this game. From the minute he got to Alabama over the summer he proved himself to be an explosive player and a consistent route runner. He has even been compared to former WR, Jaylen Waddle.

As imposing as his physical capabilities are, Earle’s preparation skills and mentality are what Young says classified him to be a special WR in his eyes.

“When he came in, he came in right before the season, he wasn’t an early enrollee. But even then, he came in with a really professional mindset,” said Young. “You can always tell how someone attacks really the time away before we start practicing. He came into the first practice with good knowledge of the playbook. You can tell he was studying. That’s something that really caught my eye and a lot of people’s eyes. And then when you get out there and you get to rep against our defense, when we started practicing, he was making plays and he looked really good. JoJo’s someone that we’re all really excited about. We’re excited to see how he develops.”

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Knowing that Earle is doing his homework on the offense allows for Young to feel comfort in knowing that Earle can make a play in any given situation.

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