Late last week, Alabama head football coach Nick Saban officially unveiled the coaching staff for 2019.

Among the most notable moves, Pete Golding will officially become defensive coordinator while also coaching the inside linebackers. Two familiar names return to Tuscaloosa for the fall. Steve Sarkisian will assume responsibilities as offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach while Sal Sunseri takes over as the outside linebackers coach.

Overall, seven new assistants were added to Saban's coaching staff for next season.

During Tuesday's "Capstone Report with DC" segment of The Blitz, DC from Golden Shores productions offered his thoughts on the new staff.

Although Golding has experience at UTSA and Delta State as a defensive coordinator, he will get his biggest test as a coach this season when he takes over the Crimson Tide defense on a permanent basis. When asked about whether the move is a gamble for Saban, DC stated that his thoughts on Saban's confidence in Golding.

"I don't necessarily see it as a gamble. I've said it all last year that Coach Saban sees something in Pete Golding that he really likes. I think he sees a little bit of himself in Pete Golding." DC said.

The Alabama football observer also addressed the dynamics of Golding as defensive coordinator and newcomer Charles Kelly as safeties coach and associate defensive coordinator.

"I think he brings Charles Kelly in to be that support person for Pete Golding to kind of help him with the whole coordinating effort. I don't think it'll be a distraction. I think it'll be a help for him in a support role." DC said.

DC also thinks that adding Kelly as a safeties coach could signal where Saban thinks the defense needs the most help.

"I'm wondering if he hasn't decided that his weakest point on this team is middle linebacker and since he didn't hire somebody for that job, if we're going to see Coach Saban work with the linebackers a little more this coming year to develop that play caller which I think is going to be important to have a play caller that can call the plays and still be aggressive on the defense." DC said.

DC later looked at who could step up at linebacker and the state of Alabama Crimson Tide basketball heading into late February.

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