Cecil Hurt recently joined Aaron Suttles on his show and one of the few topics discussed was the so called "rant" Saban had in his press conference on Wednesday. While Saban rants aren't a new thing, both Cecil and Aaron disagreed with most people calling it a rant.

Cecil, speaking for both himself and Aaron, said of people trying to call it a rant, "We both are at the end of our rope on people who aren't in that press conference, have never been in that press conference one time in their life...explaining to us what's going in that room." The part that Cecil is referencing is the last question in the presser from Wednesday, where Saban had a little fun with a reporter.

But that wasn't the only topic discussed between Aaron and Cecil as they also talked about the recent trip Alabama Basketball took to Canada. Alabama played 3 games, winning 2 and losing 1, in what can be considered a great result for the Tide.

Cecil however assuaged fan disdain by saying, "I know there's a lot of fans...there's been so much hype and a lot of fans expected them to go up there and win 3 games by 40 points, but I don't know that would have helped them nearly as much."

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