Opinions on Nick Saban are filled with mixed emotions. He has been called lots of things, including the devil, but staying in the spotlight is something that Saban does exceptionally well. Recently his name has stayed in the headlines due to his backing of a potential rule change.

A rule has been proposed that would allow defenses 10 seconds to substitute players before the opposing team's offense can snap the ball. If the ball is snapped before the 10 seconds are up, the offense is penalized five yards. Saban is an advocate for this rule change because of the concern over player safety and his opinion has been challenged by many people all over the country.

Former Alabama lineman and current Tennessee Titan Chance Warmack formulated his very own opinion of his former head coach during his days in Tuscaloosa and shared them with The Game on Tuesday night.

"Nick Saban is the most respectful man I have ever met and I mean that," Warmack told host Ryan Fowler. "He is a class act. Everything about him is top notch. Everything about him is professional and he is the ultimate professional. Everything he does has a meaning to it."

Warmack was an All-American, the 10th overall pick in the 2013 NFL Draft, and a part of all three of Saban's national titles at Alabama. Although he has been extremely successful, he admits there were times when he questioned Nick Saban's coaching decisions and how he grew to understand those decisions over time.

"The funny thing about it is my freshman year I was like, 'Why are we doing this stuff?' I used to ask questions of why we were doing it. Over a period of time he would talk about buying into the system and I always wondered what that meant until I started doing it without even knowing I was doing it.

"Everybody has that transition on when they start buying into what he is talking about, and they are successful for it. Not necessarily on the field, but in life. I think that is what makes him so special because he's not just your college coach; he is like a mentor helping you get through the problems we with as young men."

Although he says he knows some college football coaches are all about winning, Warmack knows Saban is a different breed.

"It is a breath of fresh air to know a guy like that is your head coach. He actually cares about you. In college football there are some coaches that just care about wins and losses. He cares more about the players and their development. It just so happens we won three national championships."

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