With a new high school football season quickly approaching, there are some new rule changes coming as well.

According to The Tuscaloosa News, the first change comes in the second half of any game during the season. If one team clearly has the game "in-hand" and both coaches agree to it, the clock will continuously run. The AHSAA has implemented this so injuries can possibly be avoided.

The second rule change comes during the playoffs. Generally, the lower seeded teams travel to the higher seeded teams stadium. Now, there is a possibility that a higher seeded team travels to a lower seeded teams home field. For the first round, the lower seed will travel to higher seed's stadium. But later in the playoffs, if both teams went on the road, the higher seed will gain the home field advantage. This rule is effect so teams can still have the opportunity to have a home playoff game.

Regardless, these rule changes don't change the fact that's going to be an exciting high school football season in Alabama. And remember, we'll have Tuscaloosa County football on Tide 102.9, and Hillcrest football on 95.3 The Bear!

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