As college football continues to grow across the country as a spectator sport, so does the scrutiny of the sport both on and off the field.

In recent years, events such as the sexual assault cases at Baylor and Jerry Sandusky situation at Penn State have negatively impacted college football’s image.

Over the past year, Sirius XM College Sports Nation host Rachel Baribeau has visited various schools around the country to promote the idea of changing the narrative regarding the lives of college football players.

During her visit on The Gary Harris Show Tuesday morning, Baribeau articulated the fundamental ideas involved with #ChangingTheNarrative, her visits to Baylor and Alabama and the reception she receives when sharing her message.

As the Sirius XM College Sports Nation host talked about her recent visit to Baylor, she described the experience of speaking with their football team.

“Overwhelming, heavy, beautiful, overwhelming.” Baribeau said.

After recounting what a member of the sports media told her about which direction Baylor should go following the sexual scandal, Baribeau pushed back explaining an alternative direction that they can take as a program.

“They can be the men that God created them to be. They can set the world on fire with their good deeds and thereby change the narrative of Baylor to where it starts trending for positive and we can keep telling the stories of these young men that have nothing to do with it.” Baribeau said.

Later on in the conversation, Baribeau discussed the message she give to players along with the legacy she wants to set for the campaign.

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