It's been three years since that heartbreaking loss to Clemson in the 2019 National Football Championship.

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It's almost like it wasn't the REAL Alabama playing in that game.

Losing is bad enough but in the National Championship game?

And to get beat THAT bad?

Bama fans all over are still trying to recover from that loss years later.

After taking a 44-17 loss to Clemson, Bama fans across the nation are eager to get their revenge on the tigers.

I think we can all agree that Alabama has the better overall team this year but on any given Saturday, we could lose.

I'm no football scholar nor do I study college football analytics but I'd bet Clemson would wipe Alabama in this particular category.

Before you disagree, I've got video proof that Clemson would absolutely destroy Alabama if this competition ever happened.

It was during week 3 of the 2022 college football season that I learned the shocking truth.

Dabo Sweeny of the Clemson Tigers would destroy Nick Saban in a footrace.

people running marathon

The tunnel has a huge decline that leads to the field and the team of course runs out before each game.

While taking on the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs, the tigers came running out of their tunnel and onto the field.

After watching the video below, I've determined that Dabo has some wheels!

I can't recall any video of Nick Saban running THAT fast.

Without a doubt, I'd put my money on Clemson to claim this coach's footrace victory.

How do we set this footrace up? I need to see it happen.

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