While Alabama head coach Nick Saban emphasized that he wasn't disappointed in the where the team stands following Spring camp, he did stress that it will need to improve itsnmental intensity following a sloppy A-Day game.

"I thought there were a lot of undisciplined penalties today, which we haven't had a lot of during the Spring. Some of it's organizational in terms of trying to play a lot of players."

Saban said those penalties weren't characteristic of previous scrimmages this Spring so it's not as concerning. As the team wraps up camp, he sees potential if players can avoid complacency.

"I really do feel like we do have a lot of the components to develop as a team. I don't think we are where we need to be. I think too many people are too comfortable with their position and that, to me, doesn't lend itself to great competition or being a competitor."

Saban explained how crucial it is to compete throughout a game or season because the entire year hinges on five or six plays, and as a player, you never know which play that will be.

"Your preparation, your ability to play with consistency, your ability to pay attention to detail - get the little things right - you don't inherit that. That's something you've got to earn. That's something you've got to believe in, something you've got to trust in. That's really what I think some of our players on our team need to learn how to do."

One of the big questions for this two-time defending champion program is the offensive line, but Saban said he thought multiple guys at that position had a good Spring. As for the quarterbacks, Saban thought they made some good plays but singled out Blake Sims as a guy that made a lot of progress up until this game.

Overall, the mood following the A-Day game was pretty typical for Saban - complimentary at times with a focus on avoiding complacency and continuing to improve leading into the Fall. But as he put it, "I'm never satisfied."

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