According to Ross Dellenger of, the NCAA is close to approving a proposal which would allow coaches to work on the field with their players as soon as mid-July. The NCAA Division I Football Oversight Committee is expected to approve a six-week preseason practice plan and will recommend it to the NCAA D-I Council.

The D-I Council will approve the final version of the plan on June 17. The plan would roll out in phases, beginning with "Required" summer workouts could begin as soon as July 6. This required summer training period will last two-weeks making up the first portion of the likely six-week practice plan. During these two weeks players would be allowed six hours with the strength staff and would be allowed two hours per week with coaches for film study.

The plan would then transition into an "enhanced summer training" program. During this second period athletes will be allowed 20 hours for activities. Eight  hours of strength training each week with an hour daily meeting and an hour walk-through practice each day.

Players will not be allowed to helmets or pads but programs will be able to use a football. This period would also last two-weeks and has been compared to NFL OTAs.

Programs would be allowed to hold a typical four-week preseason camp after the enhanced summer training period.

The final version of the proposed plan could have slight changes but largely is expected to be approved in order to start the college football season on time. For schools scheduled to begin its regular season, such as Alabama, on Labor Day weekend, July 13 is the perspective start date to begin each exercise period.

According to Dellenger fall camp itself could look entirely different as coaches have discussed holding multiple practices with smaller groups in the team to minimize contact and encourage social distancing. Additionally there has been discussion about older coaches wearing masks and PPE on the sidelines to minimize risk of potential exposure.

More details concerning the beginning of fall camp and the start of the college football season will be announced in the future.

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