As the countdown toward the 2017 college football season continues, Crimson Tide Sports Network color analyst provided some thoughts on how the 2017 season could play out for Alabama during his conversation with Coach Wimp Sanderson Inside the Locker Room.

Savage mentioned the type of identity that fans could see out of the Crimson Tide this season.

“I think this team will be a little bit more offensive oriented than it was a year ago because, obviously, Jalen Hurts will be another year older.” Savage said.

Concerning Jalen Hurts, Savage offered his opinion of Hurts as a football player and how the progression of the whole team is tied to the improvement of Jalen Hurts the quarterback.

“I think he’s a better football player than he is a quarterback, and I think the better he gets as a true quarterback, the better this team’s going to be, but he’s a tremendous football player. He’s tough. He’s a good leader. The guys responded to him last year.” Savage said.

With a Brian Daboll in place at offensive coordinator, CTSN’s football color analyst talked about his eagerness to see Daboll’s influence on Alabama’s playbook.

“I’m really anxious to see how the new offensive coordinator incorporates some of his thoughts and beliefs into the system that was already in place.” Savage said.

Beyond the playbook, Savage believes that Daboll’s intangibles as the offensive coordinator could make an impact with the players.

“I think the players will really sense the true dedication to his work ethic and the craft of being an offensive coordinator, and I think they’ll really respond to him.” Savage stated.

Although Alabama loses impact players such as Jonathan Allen, Tim Williams and Reuben Foster, Savage highlighted two guys that fans should keep track of during the season.

“Defensively, a lot of work to do on the front seven but they’ve got guys that no one’s ever heard of there that are going to be big time players. Guys like Isaiah Buggs and of course Da'Shawn Hand finally gets a chance to be a full-time starter.” Savage said.

Arguably the toughest game on Alabama’s schedule is the season opener against Florida State. According to the veteran CTSN color analyst, the Crimson Tide can still reach their goal of making the College Football Playoff regardless of the outcome in Atlanta.

“I think the good news is that regardless of what happens in that first game against Florida State, Alabama’s got a tremendous opportunity to play out the rest of the season and still find their way into the playoff win, lose or draw September 2.”

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