Following their fourth meeting in as many seasons, Alabama and Clemson will begin their journeys toward a national title in a little over three months.

Since the 2015 season, the two programs have dominated college football with identical 55-4 records, two national championships and a 2-2 record against each other.

One of the biggest criticisms of both programs going into the season has been the lack of strong opponents on their 2019 schedules.

For Alabama, the biggest gripe is their non-conference schedule featuring Duke, New Mexico State, Southern Miss and Western Carolina.

Although Clemson faces Texas A&M and South Carolina on their non-conference schedules, the perceived lack of competition in the ACC is the biggest complaint on their schedule. The Tigers host Georgia Tech, Florida State, Boston College and Wake Forest while traveling to Syracuse, North Carolina, North Carolina State and Louisville in conference play.

During Tuesday's visit on Inside the Locker Room, former LSU and Southern Miss head football coach Curley Hallman weighed in on whether he sees any substantial differences in the strength of schedule between Clemson and Alabama.

"I don't think there's enough of a difference to favor one side or the other." Hallman said.

While the former LSU and Southern Miss head coach sees Alabama and Clemson as the class of the SEC and ACC respectively, he does see one team that is closing the gap on the Crimson Tide in the SEC.

"Georgia has made progress in closing that gap. They had a chance to win a couple of big games and didn't, but Georgia is pushing Alabama." Hallman said.

Hallman later discussed his thoughts on the rest of the SEC including Auburn's search for a successor to Jarrett Stidham at quarterback.

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