It started off as a simple tweet from the Discovery Channel, but things escalated quickly when the NHL's Pittsburgh Penguins' Twitter account decided to take a slap shot, and ended up getting a five minute penalty for the mistake.

We all know of the Discovery Channel. Well, they often feature shows and specials describing nature in all its glory, and just casually mentioned the average height of emperor penguins earlier today, which in case you didn't know, is about 3.8 feet tall.


Well, the Pittsburgh Penguins had the witty idea to "correct" this scientific fact.

Okay, so now with that clarified, we can move on, right?

Oh, no no no no. Whoever is in charge of Discovery's Twitter account is as cruel as they are clever, and scored their own type of shorthanded goal.


In case you aren't a hockey fan, the Pittsburgh Penguins were eliminated from the NHL Playoffs in the first round by the New York Rangers.

Now, just as in The March of the Penguins, imagine this series of tweets with Morgan Freeman's voice, and you've got yourself one of the best Twitter battles in the history of social media.

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