On Sunday, the FOX show Family Guy name dropped former Alabama quarterback Mac Jones.

In the scene following the theme song, Peter Griffin and his wife are sitting in their bed. She is talking to him and Peter is focused on watching the Patriots game on the television.

The Patriots are about to snap the ball on a 3rd & 7. During the play, the ball is fumbled and Jones falls on top of the ball to keep the drive alive. On  the next drive, Jones runs a touchdown into the end zone to give the Pats a score. Then, at the conclusion of the scene, the Patriots bring its defense onto the field.

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In the show, the Griffin family lives in Rhode Island and Griffin is a New England Patriots fan. There have been multiple Patriots references in the show, including Pawtucket Patriot Ale, a beer from Pawtucket Pat's brewery. Former Patriots quarterback Tom Brady made a cameo appearance in an episode named "Patriot Games" back in 2006.

Jones was mentioned three times in the 42 second scene.

"There's the snap, Jones drops back and there's a fumble. Somehow Mac Jones fell on it," said the play-by-play announcer on the broadcast. "Jones still on his feet and he scrambles into the end zone for a touchdown."

Jones is gaining popularity in the media after exceeding expectations in his rookie season with a rebuilding New England Patriots squad last season. Jones went 352-of-521, 3,801 yards, 22 touchdowns, and 13 interceptions, leading the team to a 10-7 record and a playoff appearance where the Patriots lost to the Buffalo Bills in wildcard weekend.

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