After 202 days without a show, radio host Paul Finebaum returned to the air on Monday as a part of ESPN. After finalizing the affiliate contract, WDGM, Tuscaloosa's only sports station, will now carry the show beginning Friday afternoon..

One of the SEC's most recognized voices, Finebaum left Cumulus in January and had to wait a three-month no-compete clause. Although that clause ended three months ago, a new contract with ESPN wasn't announced until May 23.

There has been a lot of speculation about what, if anything, will change about the show, but Finebaum made his first appearance on radio in Alabama here on 99.1 WDGM on May 28 and talked about that. While the show will have a broader range of topics, he said that callers always have been an integral part of his show and will continue to be. The entire interview can be heard here.

Finebaum's time slot will be slightly different. He will air one hour earlier than he used to and will be heard from 1-5pm CT, Monday through Friday. As a result, Tuscaloosa's only local sports talk show, The Game, will expand an hour and air immediately following Finebaum.

Anyone not in the Tuscaloosa area can listen live online, on your mobile device, or through the radioPup app.

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