The Alabama quarterback competition between Jalen Hurts and Tua Tagovailoa has been one of the most polarizing topic in college football, and even former SEC coaches are weighing in on the debate.

Former Auburn head coach Gene Chizik joined The Game with Ryan Fowler live from SEC Media Days in Atlanta to shares his thoughts on Alabama's quarterback competition.

"I try to see everything from a coaching lens versus a fans lens," Chizik said. "I know from a fans perspective, it's real simple 'this guy came in and 30 minutes later we won the national championship and we didn't have a chance before he got in there.' That assessment is probably accurate and fair that in that 30 minute window he changed the game and Alabama won, so that's undeniable. But, I'm looking at total body of work."

"We are making a judgment on one guy who played 30 minutes of good football and brought them back and won a ring, versus another guy who's won 93 percent of his games, he's personal responsible for 61 touchdowns in two years, that's around 30 touchdowns a year, and we're just going to kick him to the curb right there and he can't get it done. I just don't see it being that easy of a decision and I think there is going to be more into it then people give it credit for."

Chizik also discussed learning under Bill Curry, working in the media and how to beat a coach like Nick Saban.

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