The College Football Playoff hasn't even announced its selection committee and already people have given it heavy criticism. First, ESPN's David Pollack said women don't belong on the committee during College Gameday, referencing former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, who will reportedly be a part of the committee. On Monday, former Auburn head coach Pat Dye fanned the flames by saying she only knows "what people have told her."

As the debate rages on, former Alabama head coach Gene Stallings spoke with Chris Stewart about this same topic during The Chris Stewart Show on Tuesday. While his comments weren't as pointed, Stallings voiced his displeasure with the direction college football is heading.

"I'm very concerned about (the college football playoff)," Stallings said.

While his primary concerns were making the season longer and pulling student-athletes away from their educational responsibilities, the hall of famer said he also has issues with the reported committee members thus far.

"I've said this over and over and over that the ones that had to be right was the ones that was selecting the committee. I'm concerned when I look at some of the names in the paper about whether or not they're qualified to pick the best football teams in the country."

Chris Stewart asked the coach to share who he'd put in charge of making those decisions.

"I'd have (the selection committee) heavily loaded with coaches that have won national championships, maybe hall of fame coaches, or coaches that didn't have an agenda.

"I don't know of anybody that really would want to be on the committee, but I know there's a number of people that would do it for the benefit of the game."

Stallings explained that there's much more to understand about the game than wins and losses, saying that the best teams in the country often have a loss during the season. But he made it clear who he thinks should be a part of the committee.

"It takes people that have played, it takes people who have coached, and it takes people who have won those big games."

"I don't know why we have to be picking people from all of the country that maybe have good positions in other deals - they're retired military people, they're retired commissioners, they're retired all kinds of people. But have they ever really coached a big game? Sure, I worry about that."