The Alabama Crimson Tide is set to face the Florida Gators in Atlanta for this year's Southeastern Conference Championship Game. Remember the last time Bama and Florida faced off in the Georgia Dome?

I do! Man, that game was EPIC. The Crimson Tide's 2009 season was PERFECT. It was the year the modern-day dynasty of Alabama Football was born, and it was also my first year living in Tuscaloosa. Maybe I'm a good luck charm? IDK, but either way: you're welcome.

Alabama had lost to the Gators in 2008, so the 2009 SEC Championship was a rematch of epic proportions. All anyone could talk about that season was Tim Tebow. Remember that? ESPN, CBS, everybody was all NO ONE CAN STOP TEBOW FOR HE IS A FLAWLESS SCHOLAR AND ATHLETE AND BASICALLY THE BEST PLAYER TO GRACE A FOOTBALL FIELD TIM TEBOW TIM TEBOW TIM TEEEEEEBOOOOW. It was the actual worst. We had an idea that we'd make a drinking game where you'd take a shot every time someone mentioned Tebow in a non-Florida game, but that stopped quickly because we didn't want anyone in our #squad to die.

Anyway, Alabama went to the ATL and SHUT. IT. DOWN. They defeated the Gators 32-13. It was glorious. The Tide then went to Pasadena where they ended the hype machine of another overrated QB *cough*Colt McCoy*cough* and brought home National Championship #13.

The video above was produced by Alabama Athletics, and it is the single most majestic thing you will watch this weekend... until the Tide wins again and brings home SEC Championship #25, that is!

Roll Tide, y'all!

Also: never forget.


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