Former Alabama quarterback, Greg McElroy made some comments on Wednesday that Alabama fans were not too fond of.

On Atlanta-based radio show " XTRA 106.3 "McElroy compared Mac Jones to Georgia transfer quarterback, Jamie Newman.

“I think Newman’s way more talented. I mean, I don’t even think it’s really, I don’t think it’s really comparable just given Jamie Newman’s upside. I mean, guys, we’re talking top five pick upside here. I mean, he has that kind of upside — he’s ridiculous. There are some nuances to his game that he needs to learn, but just as far as talent is concerned, there’s not many out there and college football like him.”

This isn't the first time this off-season that McElroy has complemented the Georgia bulldogs. In early June, he did an interview with "Dawgs 247" where he called USC transfer quarterback JT Daniels, "a real luxury".

McElroy believes that Jones is a solid player, but thinks that much of Mac's success last year can be credited to his "all-star team".  There's certainly a bit of truth within that statement, but what else would you expect from Jones? Some of the best quarterbacks of all-time, also had help from their talented receivers. Football is a team sport and requires everyone to do their part.

The same thing being said about Jones, can also be said about Jamie Newman who had very talented wide-out, Sage Surratt for most of the season. Unfortunately for Wake Forrest, they lost Surratt in November, after he sustained a shoulder injury against Virginia Tech. Before Surrat was lost for the year he put up 1,001 yards, and 11 touchdowns. He accounted for almost half of the 26 touchdowns that Newman through.

One reason that Jones is a better player than Newman; is his performances in big time games.

Against Auburn and Michigan, Jones was 42-64, with 662 yards and seven touchdowns. Jones had a couple picks in those games as well, but there’s an argument to be made that one of those interceptions wasn't his fault. Those are some pretty impressive stats against two top 25 defenses.

For Newman, his biggest game of the year came November 16th, against the Clemson tigers. In that game he was 6-14, with 41 yards and two interceptions. That’s a QBR rating of 14%.  

How can anyone say that Newman is better than Jones, when Newman has yet to play a single down for Georgia? He struggled last year in the ACC, which is considered by most as the worst conference in college football. He’s going to have to proof himself against elite SEC defenses.

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