As the calendar hits October 31st Nick Saban celebrates his 69th birthday. Most people who’ve reached any level at this success at this age would be somewhere in the house, cooped up in a hand-knitted quilt enjoying the fruits of their labor over the years in the sweet bliss of retirement.

But for Saint Nick, it’s just another day at the office.

I know when I’m that age I’ll be somewhere telling my grand kids to hand me cold coke. Telling them tall tales about how it was to be part of the greatest dynasty there ever was in sports. The games that I’ll always remember, the plays that shaped history, and the players I reported on will all be part of my Saturday morning rants.

But most of all, I’ll serve as a witness to the legend of Nick Saban.

As of now he’s somewhere preparing for a game with the same pursuit for perfection that has become his trademark throughout the years. The same intensity that brought him 6 National Championships, 8 SEC championships, a 248-65 record, every coaching achievement you can think of, AND a level of respect in Alabama that’s comparable to the president of the United States.

Today we celebrate a man who architected a dynasty that rivals those of the Yankees of the 50’s, The Brady-Belichick Patriots, and the 90’s Bulls.

A man who gave the state an identity besides country plains, big boy tractors, and southern hospitality.

How do you say thank you to the GOAT?

I guess happy birthday would be a good start!

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