Mobile, AL. - Players from the Senior Bowl spoke with the media on Wednesday afternoon following the second day of practice, which saw several high-profile coaches in Mobile, including new Crimson Tide head coach Kalen DeBoer and his staff.

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DeBoer and staff spoke to the media following their appearance at the Senior Bowl, and he announced Alabama will begin installation next week as the coaching staff returns to Tuscaloosa following a whirlwind of a month on the recruiting trail.

During their time at the Senior Bowl, defensive coordinator Kane Wommack and DeBoer spoke with former Washington quarterback Michael Penix Jr., who both spent time with when all three were at Indiana. DeBoer also embraced former Washington offensive lineman Roger Rosengarten.

Penix embracing and meeting with DeBoer following the National team's practice is a testament to the character and class of DeBoer and the offensive staff he brought with him to Alabama. What did Penix have to say about DeBoer and Alabama?

Penix, "He's a winner, first and foremost. He's won everywhere he's been; he always finds ways to win. It doesn't matter where he's at."

Penix also discussed how DeBoer's offense might transition, "That offense can translate anywhere, even to the NFL. That offense we ran was a pro-style offense. The coaches, and the way that they prepared us every week, day in and day out, all the way up to kickoff, those guys were putting us in the right position to be successful."

Is DeBoer's offense difficult to understand?

I don't think it's difficult at all. I don't see too many offenses being difficult to pick up. It's about the way you prepare and the amount of studying that you do. If you're willing to put in that extra work to be successful, you'll do it and it'll come, especially with those guys coaching you. They make sure you're prepared to a level where it's hard for you to fail. As long as they'r preparing and trusting the coaching, I feel like they'll be fine.

Penix spoke extremely highly of Crimson Tide newcomers Germie Bernard and Austin Mack, who both transferred to Alabama following Kalen DeBoer's hiring,

[Alabama] is getting a great quarterback. [Mack] is going to be great. He's a guy who works extremely hard; he's a guy who wants to get better and wants to compete as well. He's going to be a dude, and I'm just proud of him and the way he carries himself, and how fast he learned the offense. The way that he matured in that one year, he did a lot of great things and he hasn't even touched the field yet. I know whenever he does touch that field, he's going to be electric.

On Germie Bernard,

Germ, man. It's hard to guard Germ, just know that. He's going to make big time plays. He's going to make big plays at Alabama. He's a guy that works extrememly hard. He's the guy that's calling me all types of times during the day, 'Can you come throw to me? I'm trying to run these routes.' He wants to put in that extra work. He wants to get better in everything that he does and it shows in gametime and big time situations. He's a guy that I trust just like the rest of the guys. He's right up there.

The Crimson Tide appear to be in good hands with Coach Kalen DeBoer. Former Washington quarterback Michael Penix Jr. had a soundbite earlier in the week believing that DeBoer will win a national title in his first three seasons at Alabama.

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