The first Wednesday in February marks a momentous day in the playing careers and lives of high school football players across America.

While Alabama signed numerous blue chip athletes from across the country, a local standout decided to play his college football close to home.

Hillcrest Patriots running back Brian Robinson signed his letter of intent to play with the Alabama Crimson Tide. Robinson helped the Patriots to an undefeated regular season and a No. 1 ranking in Class 6A during the 2016 season.

Robinson’s high school football coach Sam Adams chimed in on The Gary Harris Show to discuss Robinson’s decision to play a few minutes up the road from Hillcrest.

Coach Adams summarized the type of skills that Robinson displayed as a running back for the Patriots.

“He’s really got the complete skill set or well-rounded skill set coming out of high school. He’s obviously very talented with the ball in his hand in the backfield. He’s a good pass receiver. We played him in the slot just a little bit. He’s a good guy catching screens out of the backfield also, and then he protects the passer really well too. He’s got a really well-rounded skill set coming out.” Adams said.

In addition to the players, National Signing Day allows high school coaches to see their players move on to the next level. With Robinson’s signing, Hillcrest has seen two player join Alabama’s roster since 2014.  Adams talked about the pride involved with coaching SEC caliber players and the support system that helped make it happen.

“I think you’d be hard pressed to find any one high school anywhere that has two guys on the roster of a team comparable to Alabama. That’s something we take a great deal of pride in, and I think it really talks to how strong our community is because in order to get to that level, you’ve got to have a good support system around you. That’s teachers, administrators, coaches, family at home. You got to have support from all angles in order to get to that level, and we’re fortunate to live in such a great community over here.” Adams stated.

Robinson joins a program full of talented running backs including Damien Harris, Joshua Jacobs and Tuscaloosa native Bo Scarbrough, Adams described the attitude that Robinson takes toward competition.

“In regard to the competition aspect of it, I think any great competitor, Brian being definitely in that category, is not really scared of any kind of competition and understands that competition makes everyone better. He’s not really concerned about all the names that are on the depth chart ahead of him.” Adams mentioned.

Later in the conversation, the head coach for Hillcrest touched on Robinson’s development in high school, the style of offense at Hillcrest and the impact that Robinson’s signing with Alabama has on the family.

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