The Alabama Crimson Tide. The gold standard of college football. Yes, yes, I know the Georgia Bulldogs are back-to-back national champions and the program in Athens is currently on top, but Tuscaloosa has been and always will be "Where Champions are Made".

Alabama head coach Nick Saban has won six national championships and eight SEC championship during his 16 year span in Tuscaloosa. Additionally, he's seen 114 players drafted by the NFL during his time at The Capstone.

It's easy to see why someone would want to be a part of the program.

Of course, we don't mind adding admirers, dreamers or eclectic personalities into our fanbase, but imposters intent on misguiding must be called out.

TikTok user @societyperspective is currently going viral with a video that many are confusing with a real Alabama football player. The account poses questions to strangers in public and posts their unique response.

*Warning: Inappropriate Language Used In Video*

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The subject in the video claims drug dealers can teach more about business than the professors roaming the halls at the University of Alabama. He goes on to say he's not there for school but instead to play football.

Sir! I do not see your name or face anywhere listed on

Nick Saban has enough on his plate trying to figure out who the offensive and defensive coordinators will be in 2023. The Tide shouldn't have to deal with imposters trying to use them for clout.

The Crimson Tide is not only routinely successful on the field but the football team is notorious for being among the conference leaders in graduation rate.

To suggest that the only reason they come to Tuscaloosa is for football and that drug dealers are more learned than professors puts our student athletes in a bad light and sells the University of Alabama's academic programs short.

The young clout chaser isn't named in the video but I challenge him to come forward and retract what he said. To the uninitiated fan, he appears as though he could be on the football team. Who is going to do their homework and realize he is an imposter?

Retract your statements about the University's professors and come clean that you're not on the football team!

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