The power of the media isn't new. It's depended upon for everything from politics to advertising to the entertainment industry.

So why did flights and travel searches to Scotland from the United States soar by 159% in one day? This time we give credit to the power of the media in the form of a television reality series that takes place in Scottish castles.

According to the website Places to Travel, it's because of the season 2 premiere of The Traitors on the streaming service Peacock on January 12, 2024. According to Variety,  season 2 is now the most-watched reality series debuting on Peacock plus viewership is up more than 75% from the first season.

It's important to note that season 1 of The Traitors took home the Emmy Award this year for Outstanding Casting for a Reality Program.

Google data shows this incredible and truly surprising spike happened after the first episode of season 2 aired according to Places to Travel while worldwide searches for flights and travel jumped back up to pre-pandemic levels.

The Traitors second season is filmed at Ardross Castle near Inverness, Scotland.

The reality show has 20 contestants competing for $250,000. Players are trying to determine who the traitors among them are to eliminate while the traitors try to claim the prize for themselves by eliminating players. No one knows who is who. It's hosted by Scottish actor Alan Cumming.

To no one's surprise, according to Places to Travel, television shows and movies inspire tourism. It's TV tourism where viewers want to visit the filming locations of their favorite shows. If you think about it, the power of the media in advertising as locations are selected for shows and movies while not being direct advertisements.

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