It's no surprise that speeding is the most broken law in the United States and I'd venture to say the world. But let's stay here in America.

Let's be honest, everyone has driven over the speed limit. 100% of us, unless we've never been behind the wheel of a car, have gone at least 1 MPH over the speed limit. Even law enforcement officials do it off the clock just because it's impossible to keep the exact speed limit unless you're on cruise control.

Anyway, every year you and I have a 16% chance of getting a ticket, granted this is for the average driver versus the speed demon or driver under the influence.

So when you feel the urge for that alleged wiggle room of around 10mph over the maximum, this is when you shouldn't hedge that bet.

Time of Day

Morning Drive as it's called when we're commuting to work is the most popular time for tickets according to the Big Think website. So you should avoid speeding, even a few miles per hour over the speed limit.

Day of the Week

Mondays overwhelmingly exceed the rest of the week as the most popular speeding ticket-giving days for law enforcement officials according to the Big Think.

Days in the Month

We've heard of speeding ticket quotas and even though we don't technically know if the quota is monthly or quarterly, etc, or if they really exist in all law enforcement departments, the last week of the month and the first couple of days at the beginning of a month is when the most speeding tickets are written according to the Ask Jerry website.


Technically speaking, we all know that it's illegal to go even one mile per hour over the speed limit however, in reality, there's that unspoken rule that most officers aren't going to waste their time for just a few miles per hour over.
That said, according to Ask Jerry as well as common sense, this does depend on where you're attempting this wiggle room. If you're going even 5mph over in a school zone there's an excellent chance you're getting a ticket if caught while 5mph over on a major highway with several lanes will be okay.
What You Drive
If you're in a sharp, red-looking number, or a pricey car like a Lamborghini then you'll attract the attention of an officer even if you're only going let's say 7mph over and according to Reader's Digest, that's enough for a ticket. Also, on the opposite end of the flashier car spectrum, it's the the older, less well-kept cars that can be magnets for police as well even if it's just a few miles over the speed limit.
Stickers on Cars
That "baby on board" sticker while you're going fast is sure to upset a police officer even if the baby isn't in the car. Stickers attract attention from everyone including law enforcement officials.
If you're a younger driver speeding even a little bit over the maximum, this can be a life lesson for police officers so take it easy according to Reader's Digest. 
Distracted Driving
If you're driving over the limit even just a little bit and it looks like you're distracted because you're looking down or eating, etc, an officer is more likely to pull you over for speeding.
Be a Follower
If you're driving on the freeway going 11mph over the speed limit along with everyone else in one of those nice lines, law enforcement officials tend to let that be while keeping an eye out for the driver passing everyone according to Reader's Digest.

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