It’s not clickbait.

Mark my words because one day, this is going to happen. 

I hate this as we get ready for homecoming. Should we really glorify hatred?

Just wait. That will be the NEXT issue "opinion piece" in the Crimson White.


Tuscaloosa, Alabama, is a city that I have lived in, off and on, since the 80s.

Oh, how I love Alabama and, in particular, my Alabama Crimson Tide. It’s one of the few things that I can look forward to when everything else in the world has turned to, well, you know.


Today, I remembered back in September 2001, how sports gave us all an escape from the horrific terror attacks. Gameday couldn’t come fast enough.

However, please, save us from the do-gooders or folks that insist on taking everything too far! Some people have suggested BANNING the use of the phrases/cheer ROLL TIDE and Yeah Alabama.

That’s right, the two words I’ve been saying as long as I can remember just might have racist roots???

What are you talking about?


Now, more opinion pieces have been printed on Tuscaloosa websites, calling for a PERMANENT ban on Dixieland Delight by ALABAMA!

The Crimson White has REMOVED its story due to "hateful, threatening comments directed at the author".

We all remember why it was banned several years back....the lyrics were uh...well...changed. They were vulgar.

That's not the problem in 2023.

The fourth-quarter tradition at Bryant Denny Stadium, which we all love, banned for eternity because someone felt that it was racist. Everyone has a right to their opinion, but why do we have to take all views seriously?

Not all ideas are worthy of attention! THIS IS ONE OF THEM.

If you want to inject all of this radical fake outrage into political issues, so be it. But LEAVE OUR COPING MECHANISMS ALONE!


We all need an escape. We all need to have fun.

I live for going to Alabama Crimson Tide football games. My family loves going to games.

We have to stop people who aren’t even Alabama fans or sports fans, for that matter, from ruining our party. Why should those folks get to mess with OUR love for Alabama athletics?

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Oh, and ((((ROLL TIDE! Yeah, Alabama and Dixieland Delight))))

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