After taking over as Interim Head Coach for Alabama baseball, Jason Jackson successfully led the team to the super regionals where they competed against one-seed Wake Forest.

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Monday afternoon, though, Alabama Athletics announced that Rob Vaughn would be hired to serve as the new head coach. However, it was also revealed that Jackson would be staying with the team as the associate head coach.

Tuesday morning, Charlie Potter from BamaOnLine provided insight on what this coaching pair could mean for Bama baseball. Here's some of his commentary from "Inside the Locker Room," hosted by Wimp and Barry Sanderson.

"It's a win-win for Alabama," says Potter, "not only to get a young head coach who's proven and who's turned around a Power Five program, but also to be able to retain Jason Jackson."

As Potter explains, the current state of college baseball requires coaches to basically re-recruit their roster each year. "To have a guy that not only led the program, but with an integral part of recruiting the guys coming in...I think that'll be big."

The coaching combination will also help retain the existing players. Barry Sanderson noted how easy it is for players to get to the transfer portal these days. Working hand-in-hand with Jackson will allow Vaughn to pinpoint "the must-keeps."

"This is really smart and the best-case scenario for the program," says Potter, "but we'll just have to keep an eye on it for the next couple months."

Listen to the full interview with Charlie Potter:

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