Former Alabama and current Denver Broncos wide receiver Jerry Jeudy announced on his social media that he will be releasing his first official NFTs. Proceeds of his NFTs will go to Trisomy 18 Support Incorporated a cause that Jeudy has been vocal about through his time in the league. The NFTs will be available June 29 and can be found here.

What are NFTs you may ask? The best way to think about what an NFT (Non-fungible token) is, is a digital trading card. Think of baseball cards or art work that is specifically released and sold online. The NBA has already used NFTs this season, turning highlight plays into digital trading cards that their fans can buy, sell and trade.

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Jeudy announced that his collection of NFTs will include highlights from his time at the Capstone and some of his best memories from his rookie year in Denver. During his rookie year, the first round draft pick accumulated 52 receptions for 856 yards and three touchdowns. In three years playing for the Crimson Tide he hauled in 159 catches for 2742 yards and 26 touchdowns.

According to, Trisomy 18 is a life-threatening disorder that impacts about one out of every 2000 pregnancies in the United States. Also known as Edwards syndrome, the condition is the result of a meiotic disjunction resulting in a triplet of the 18th pair of chromosomes.

Trisomy 18 carries a fatal statistic, where just 50% of babies carried to term are born alive. Those who survive past their first birthday are able to be productive, similar to Down Syndrome, though many will require full-time care well into adulthood. However, only 10% of babies born with the defect survive to their first birthday.

This cause is particularly close to Juedy's heart as his younger sister, Aaliyah was born with Trisomy 18. She unfortunately passed away at the age of seven years old.

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