The College Football playoff is coming.

Gone are the days of human polls, littered with media members and former coaches with credentials a mile long.  Gone are the days of fancy algorithms that factor in all of the variables and pop out the top two teams in the country.

Yes, as Bob Dylan once said, the times are a changing-especially when it comes to the multi-million dollar corporation known as college football, a key cog in any athletic department’s budget.

As details have begun to emerge of the new playoff system, which will take the top four teams and put them in semifinal games to determine who will play in the national championship, Southeastern Conference fans have taken a passive approach.  After all, the conference has already won 7 consecutive national titles and just this past season if a playoff were to be in effect, the conference may have placed three teams in (Alabama, Georgia, and Florida were ranked 2,3, and 4 respectively).

However, as time wears on ESPN SEC Blogger Chris Low feels as if the new college football playoff could actually hurt the Southeastern Conference.

The playoff selection committee will boast 14-20 members, with representatives in some way, shape or form from each conference. With previous affiliations, Low says it will be hard for the committee to completely separate their personal bias’

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