Former NFL player Michael Oher has filed a petition against his long-time guardians, Leigh Anne and Sean Tuohy.

ESPN reported on Oher's petition, which alleged that the Tuohys never actually adopted him. Instead, the petition said the couple tricked Oher into giving them business rights to his name and likeness.

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The filing further stated that Oher had made no profit from the 2009's The Blind Side which depicted his journey to becoming a star football player. Instead, it alleged that the Tuohy family alone profited from the film, which only served to depict Oher as "unintelligent."

Sports writer Kevin Scarbinsky discussed the situation Tuesday morning on "Inside the Locker Room" with hosts Wimp and Barry Sanderson.

"It's sad to me," said Scarbinsky, "because it certainly seemed like the Tuohy family did a lot for Michael Oher." Scarbinsky noted that the Tuohy family appeared to serve as positive adult role models in Oher's life at a time when he didn't have many.

But Scarbinsky didn't hesitate to consider the truth to Oher's petition. "No movie is ever as rosy as it might seem," he said. "Hollywood tends to gloss over certain things. They won't tell you the whole story."

"To see this come out as it has," Scarbinsky repeated, "it's just sad."

According to ESPN, the Tuohy's lawyer stated the family "would file a legal response to the allegations in the coming weeks."

Listen to the full interview with Kevin Scarbinsky:

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