Northridge Jaguars Head Football Coach, Mike Vickery, joined The Gary Harris Show to discuss his football program, the pandemic and preparing for the upcoming football season.

"Controlling what we can control through this situation, and all that we can control is being here, working out, ready to start a season. We have nine practices left in the summer before our first real practice can begin on July 27. So we're all full speed ahead trying to get ready for July 27 and eventually August 21 when we play Sipsey Valley," said Coach Vickery.

"The hardest part for us as coaches, and probably everyone at home listening, is getting kids to understand the importance of social distancing," said Coach Vickery.

Vickery explained that the pandemic has created a sense of urgency in his upperclassmen and made them more appreciative of the opportunity to play football,practice and work out with one another.

Vickery is entering his fifth season with the Jaguars and feels good about the direction his program is headed. As the athletic director at Northridge he is able to have his finger on the pulse of all the athletic teams at the school and said that there is a sense of excitement from top to bottom in all the teams at the school.

"I have not wavered from thinking that college football, high school football and NFL football would happen, until about the past week and a half I think some doubt started setting in. I think that's what we have to fight as coaches because we can't let our guard down with our kids. As of right now, until someone tells us otherwise, we've got to be ready. That's all we can concern ourselves with, the powers that be, people with much higher pay grades than us will make that decision," Coach Vickery said.

You can listen to the full interview on Soundcloud or on Youtube. The Gary Harris Show is on each weekday from 9-11 a.m

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