On Monday the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) announced it was cancelling the remainder of the 2020 spring sports season. The NAIA makes its decision after the NCAA made the same choice late last week. This ends Stillman College's baseball, softball and track and field season.

The NAIA announced it will not charge the spring student-athletes with a year of eligibility and instead it will "award two additional semesters of attendance or the equivalent."

The NAIA cancelled its 2019-20 winter championships on March 12, robbing the Stillman College men's basketball team of a chance to compete for a title. The Tigers were selected as a seventh seen in the NAIA Division I Men's Basketball tournament with a 20-10 season record.

Stillman baseball ends with a 7-10 record, softball finishes with an 8-6 record and men's and women's track and field ends after only one event this season.

The NAIA cancels its season amid concerns of the COVID-19 coronavirus spreading throughout the country. Cancelling the events prevents large crowds gathering to observe the contests and limits the travel for the student-athletes.

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