Earlier today, Atlanta Hawks basketball player Vince Carter made the announcement of retiring from the NBA after playing for 22 seasons. He played with different teams throughout his career including the Toronto Raptors, the New Jersey Nets and the Dallas Mavericks.

From a previous conversation on a podcast hosted by The Ringer, Carter said, "I'm officially done playing basketball professionally. I'll play at home."

In the 1998 NBA draft, Carter was picked fifth overall out of North Carolina and won the Rookie of the Year award, while playing for the Toronto Raptors. He played with Toronto in 1998-2004 before being traded to the New Jersey Nets.

Carter became an eight-time All-Star before leaving the Nets in 2009. After leaving New Jersey, he wasn't a primary scorer with the Phoenix Suns, and the Dallas Mavericks.

Carter was able to inspire young athletes because he became a phenomenal player. Carter finished his career with the Memphis Grizzlies and the Atlanta Hawks, he played two seasons with both teams. According to Chris Bumbaca of USA Today, he is the first NBA player to play in four decades.

When the NBA decided to postpone the rest of their games due to COVID-19, Carter had made his decision to announce his retirement. He said, "I felt that it was pretty much over, and that's kind of how I handled it. If there was any disappointment because of the season, if there was any of that, it was kind of easier to put it aside and handle it that way."

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